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permitting the roller to harden
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Datum: 26 September, 2018 08:18

"What nema 23 stepper motor start a working HPIIIsi uncovering 'User Maintenance' message within the lcd window. If you turn up the cover and reclose, the message goes away and printer keeps upon printing fine. "
(From: Micheal Hunt (jhuntjr@b-c-i. com). )
I believe here is the message you get right after printing 200, 000 (I is likely to be wrong) copies which may be a reminder to replace that fuser unit. This also comes in a kit with new pickup rollers and a few other pieces. It can be pretty easy to substitute
HP LaserJet 4 -- intermittent error code 55
(From: Brian Mathews (icontech@volcano. net). )
I have seen this problem a considerable amount of times and I check out the fuser lamp to locate it was manufactured through USHIO. After replacement with a Toshiba lamp (not a strong endorsement, just what the supplier sends) the situation is gone. I haven't ever endured this problem and not really found that brand of heat lamp within the fuser......
HP LaserJet 5L grabbing more than one sheet of paper
(From: Shaun Harwood (shaun. harwood@virgin. net). )
I'm a field professional and deal with lots of printers. What is a significant common cause for concern is damp paper or using the printer in a moist room. Try a brand innovative ream (direct from store) and try using from a warm room if ever the problem goes away. I've been having this problem a whole lot lately as the weather has turned a lttle bit - most of my personal customers store the paper in store rooms and it gets a tad damp. Incidentally HP printers in particular look suffering from this a great deal.
More on HP LaserJet 5L paper feed problems
(From: Micheal Dempster (jimdempster@yahoo. com). )
An older HP LaserJet 5L includes a tendency to misfeed sheets of paper. I took my unit apart to test to understand the problem and still have successfully corrected it: it's now working properly.
It turns out that paper feed mechanism is founded on an eccentric rubber- sprayed cam to grab and feed the most notable sheet in the documents feeder. Over the several years, the rubber on the cam does dry out/harden and have dusty, so stepper motor it doesn't snap up the paper properly as if it did when it seemed to be new. The root cause of here is the cheap plasticizer in the particular roller has evaporated, permitting the roller to harden.
Cleaning with alcohol only cleans off the surface dust and hence won't restore the plastic to its original "sticky" state.
To restore the plastic to its slightly more sticky state a new solvent is needed, with the intent that it is not going to clean, but will slightly swell and recover many of the original stickiness.
What solvent to make use of? Solvents that would ultimately crack destroy the rubber roller really should be avoided, but they has to be aggressive enough to bring about some slight swelling (and consequently stickness). Xylene is harmless (ref. link below), however I used phone cement solvent thinner(a mixture of toluene, acetone, hexane, as well as N-butyl acetate).
Just move the toner cartridge, research a Q-tip, clean the leading rubber roller (there is one) all over. Avoid getting afraid to let the actual solvent 'soak' the rubberized, not only to guide cleaning, but to marginally swell the rubber. You don't really need to be careful to wipe off the excess - it will evaporate by itself.
The other things that benefit printing is making sure the paper lies right side up (the paper features a preferred printing side), using a slightly heavier paper keep (I use 24#), as well as keeping the paper feeder 100 %.
Info cheap stepper motor driver on various cleaning agents is found at Cleaning Methods Pertaining to Helical Scan Recorders Maybe a routine maintenance which includes a solvent clean will be enough if misfeeds again.
Just a little caution is necessary: that the roller was soaked rather then wiped, it might possibly be possible the rubber might crack - still, it is superior to throwing the printer apart.
The rubber restorer is usually pretty mild stuff - it had been made from Freon, but since that's banned, they are implementing xylene. You can get xylene with the hardware store in volume or under the label "Goof Off". Xylene is absolutely pretty safe stuff, both with the rubber standpoint and through the user safety standpoint. View the Rubber Renue Stuff Safety Data Sheet.

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