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BRASILIA Josh Anderson Jersey , April 11 (Xinhua) -- Sao Paulo goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni is still taking free kicks for Sao Paulo at the age of 42.

The legendary keeper claimed his 127th career goal for Sao Paulo with their opening goal against RB Brasil on Saturday night with a free kick.

That is simply amazing for a keeper to score such a bulk of goals, which simply won't happen in European football.

Ceni's 127 goals from a goalkeeper are standing high in the goal list from goalkeepers in national and international competitions. Paraguay's Luis Chilavert, who retired in 2004, is listed second in the ranking with far-behind 62 goals.

Ceni, who just scored his last free kick 13 days ago Nick Foligno Jersey , has half of his goals from free kicks and the other half from penalties.


Self storage is an outstanding alternative for today’s homeowners and apartment dwellers. Most people are accustomed to leaving their belongings within the basement, attic, or closet once they are not becoming made use of, but there’s now a better way. Self-storage is there for folks to leave their belongings as opposed to leaving them exposed, lost David Savard Jersey , and forgotten inside the attic or closet. Here are just some with the positive aspects of making use of storage units.

Secure Atmosphere

Storage units give a secure atmosphere for your belongings. Lots of from the facilities are gated, so it is really complicated for outsiders to even obtain access for the units. The gates are controlled by an unique access code that only you know. You’ll be able to get your personal lock and key for your unit and you are going to know for positive that it is totally secure.

Easy to Access

Self Storage facilities are increasingly prevalent and probabilities are which you live close to one. There places within the city and suburbs, so there will constantly be one nearby. It is possible to reach your stuff readily and you’ll be able to move it anywhere you desire to in case you choose to move within the future.


Storage is significantly cheaper than it used to become. You may frequently be capable of get a storage unit from anyplace about $50-$100 per month according to the facility and size in the storage unit. A good deal of storage facilities are offering one month free of charge any time you sign up as well as some other unique presents. Now is truly the ideal time to get storage since the rates are pretty low.


When in the finest factors about self storage is the fact that they are flexible. You could leave your items in one place and move them by yourself or you are able to have the storage organization transport your stuff for your desired destination according to the company. The thing is that you ultimately make a decision if and once you want your items to come home. This is primarily useful in case you are moving or traveling typically.

Storage will be the answer for lots of persons for the reason that they may be consistently on the move and they will need a location for their stuff. No one desires to leave clutter all over the residence and have their closets and basements clogged up with boxes. Put your boxes in storage units to save dollars, time, and space.

This article was written by a storage expert. Movers need extra space thats a fact. For more information regarding storage unit please visit http:www.storagepost.

Nowadays Mark Letestu Jersey , the price of everything that you want to buy appears to be going up. No matter what it is that you are shopping for, it seems like the prices are just going out of control. There is simply no area in which that comes off as more true then when you’re talking about special events, more respectively, your wedding.

Wedding ceremonies have grown to be very expensive lately, so what I thought to do is to give you some tricks on how to get cheap wedding veils that look expensive. In my own quest for an ivory veil Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey , I was just amazed once I began shopping around for how pricey this one thing might cost and therefore I was totally determined to not go overboard, and still be sure the veil was classic and beautiful.

Once I started searching for that ivory wedding veil, I was totally determined to match the photo that I saw in that newspaper of my perfect wedding dress, plus I wanted to be sure that it didn’t really spoil the impressive, long mermaid dress I was going to wear. However Ryan Murray Jersey , once I began to look around, I nearly dropped! Those wedding dress shops wanted $200 to $250 for a plain old, simple veil, plus it was going to take six to seven days just to retrieve the veil. Where were the discount veils I asked?

So, like everything else these days Sonny Milano Jersey , I went to the internet and typed in cheap veils and saw quite a few shops that were listed in Los Angeles. They were pretty much all situated within the same block, making it really easy to park my car and start searching. It didn’t really take long to get my own perfect wedding veil. I eventually found it at this store that was located on West 7th street. They carried a big selection, and were both very friendly and helpful, and even better, they took Mastercard.

I learned the exact veil I wanted was even on sale Cam Atkinson Jersey , and then I took it to the tailor who was going to shorten the dress. Since she was cutting off the bottom, I asked that she take off some of the lace embellishments that had been stitched onto the section of my dress, and sew them onto the wedding veil. What began as a $25 ivory veil, turned into an expensive looking wedding headpiece, that comparatively might have cost way more money!

Some other helpful tips to get wedding veils to look expensive is again to start with a plain chiffon or satin wedding veil Matt Calvert Jersey , and then add some beads to your veil. In other words, you could get a decorative hair style and add a bit of silk to it as well. My Mom even had a pretty f. Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Replica Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale NCAA Jerseys New MLB Jerseys From China

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