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Top Summer Ankle Strap Shoes Published: 17.07.2009 | Author: deniseatwood97 | Category: Shoes
I love summer shoes. Maybe because there is so much fun pieces out there in the summer. From sandals to flip-flops to wedges summer shoes have a wide variety of styles. But one of the most popular styles of shoes out there in the summer is ankle strap shoe. But what are the best ankle straps for the summer? Well here are the top five summer ankle strap shoes:

1. Ankle Strap Flat Gladiator Sandals

When it comes to the hottest sandal of the summer season Wholesale Washington Redskin Jerseys , there is no doubt that the gladiator sandal tops the list. From the hottest celebrities to the everyday fashionista, flat gladiator sandals have made filled major shoe void in our hearts. Virtually every shoe brand has come out there with their own version of the gladiator sandal’which frankly, is good for all of us. Some favorite brands that make excellent gladiator sandals are Sam Edelman and Juicy Couture.

2. Ankle Strap Espadrilles

The always understated espadrille is a somewhat of a staple when it comes to summer footwear. The earthy feel that this shoe gives off with its wedge heel conveys a lightness and airiness to it that is perfect for the season. One brand that makes exceptional espadrilles is Stuart Weitzman because it adds chic elements to its espadrille line like pastel printed canvass and ankle straps made out of rope. Beautiful espadrilles like these will make any woman look fabulous.

3. Ankle Strap Flats

Ankle strap flats are a fun and easygoing summer shoe that’s ideal for those strolls around the town. Although you can wear these flats all year round Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys , they are exceptional for the summer because of its comfort and lightness. Plus with new summer styles like using bright sunny colors as well as using funky materials like jellies, there’s a whole new reason to wear ankle strap flats.

4. Chunky Heels with ankle straps

During the season there are a lot of different ankle strap sandals with chunky heels, and for good reason. Brands like Frye have an excellent line of ankle strap chunky heels that would go great with a pair of shorts or a nice summer dress.

5. Ankle Strap Sandal Pumps

Finally Wholesale Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys , rounding off the top five summer ankle strap shoes are ankle strap sandal pumps. Again, sandal pumps are great for any season, but in the summer there are a few things to look out for. When finding the perfect summer ankle strap sandal Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys , try something that has a cute detail like a bow or something with light colors. Moschino’s Cheap and Chic line has a collection of cutesy ankle strap sandals that are great for those summer nights.

What do you think? Are these summer ankle strap shoes worthy of being in the top five? Well I think many would agree. Ankle strap shoes are a solid footwear staple for the summer. So on those hot summer days keep these five fabulous pieces of footwear before you hit the streets.

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Posted by paulcwiener in Home on February 21st, 2015

Most homeowners like their homes to look good and be comfortable for living, which why they take care of their homes. When you take proper care of your home Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , you are also increasing its life and its value. But for large sized homes, and even for a few smaller ones, home maintenance can be a bit tough for owners to carry out various cleaning tasks on their own. This is why there are many home maintenance services around which can easily carry out all the cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Why Should You Know About Home Maintenance?

Even if people rely on home maintenance services for their home upkeep Wholesale Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , it is still a good idea to have some knowledge about how basic home maintenance tasks are done. This knowledge can come real handy during emergencies when other options are not available. Here are some tips to help you carry out home maintenance tasks.

Home Control Points

You should be aware of all the control points in your house are located. The plumbing valves, the electricity breakers and the gas control valve should be known to you. You can ask one of your home maintenance guys to point them out for you, or you can refer to your home blueprint if you have one.

Fire Safety

If you haven’t checked the smoke detectors in your home Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , then you should get them checked to do it yourself. You should also check if your fire extinguishers are filled up to the right levels and are kept at places where they might be required the most, such as the kitchen.

Leakages and Power Fluctuations

Have you noticed water leaking from places it shouldn’t? Or do you notice voltage fluctuations in any of your rooms? If so, then call in home maintenance services and get the problem sorted. Water leakages can damage walls and could mean one of your pipes is broken. Delay in getting them repaired can worsen the situation later on.

Life Expectancy of Home Components

All items Wholesale Oakland Raiders Jerseys , specially the electrical ones have a certain life beyond which they are dangerous to use. You should be aware of the life expectancy of the components in your home, which includes . Wholesale Throwback Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NBA Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys Online Wholesale College Football Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Cheap College Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys

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