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Rado True Jubile Chronograph R27832702 replica watches
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Datum: 16 November, 2019 04:32

swiss replica watches The Radar is the official timekeeper for several of the world's top international tennis tournaments. The tennis symbolizes the spirit of the radar – tradition, persistence, achievement and breakthrough. This year, the Radar is the first official timer of the BNP Paribas "Football Masters" exhibition. In support of the event, the radar also launched a variety of special watches for the stadium, providing accurate timing tools for those who love sports.

The watch's strap is made of black high-tech ceramics. After special treatment, the surface has a bright mirror finish. The three-row design is a classic of the radar. It doesn't look too heavy and creates a perfect wrist. The sense of fit. The watch is made of double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, which is specially processed by the watchmaker to form a perfect arc. It is embedded in the inside of the case. Through the watch, we can clearly read the time display of the face.

The breitling replica watches dial design of the watch is very simple, the whole surface of the disc is blue and gray, giving a comfortable visual experience. The time display adopts a bar scale, and the end also uses a dazzling blue color and is covered with a luminous coating. The 3 o'clock position is the date display window, and at 12 o'clock is the blue swingable anchor type logo and the radar classic LOGO.

Available in blue, orange and green luminous materials, the scales, hands and dials are inspired by different types of tennis courts such as hard courts, clay courts and grass fields. The wearer can choose according to personal preferences. The crown of the watch is located at 3 o'clock and is made of black rubber with a typical anchor logo on the top.

The buckle of the watch is made of titanium three-fold clasp, with black high-tech ceramic buckle face, and the outer side is engraved with "RADO" English LOGO as decoration. The bottom of the case is a semi-perspective design. The outer ring is made of stainless steel. The sapphire crystal is used in the middle. Through the mirror, we can see a part of the structure and exquisite sanding decoration. richard mille rafael nadal

The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement and has 25 jewels to provide a 38-hour power reserve for the watch. Nowadays, people like to wear watches. It is not only a very convenient timing tool, but also a symbol of identity, taste and character. Among the many watch brands, Rado is one of the favorite brands. The radar chart that began in 1917 focused on ‘design is a reflection of inner beauty’. Each radar has smooth lines and elegant design. Deeply loved by consumers. The following watch family should introduce how the radar meter looks at the model, and identify the true and false method of the radar from the watch number. Radar men's series: D-STAR series; TRUE THINLINE series ultra-thin; V10K series; r5.5 series; CERAMICA monolithic ceramic series; SINTRA silver diamond series; INTEGRAL precision ceramic series; TRUE true series; ORIGINAL Founding series; COUPOLE pearl ceramic series;

best automatic watches series; CENTRIX crystal series. In addition to men's all series, the Radar Women's Collection also includes the ESENZA Yisha series and the JOAILLERIE Sapphire Dream series. For many years, radar watches have been performing 8-digit 3-segment case numbers, such as: 152.0366.3 or 129.0286.3, etc., its production serial number is also 8-digit, (but not segmented), the strap number is 5 digits. . The first three digits of the case number are the movement number, such as: 129 and 152. You can find out which type of movement is used by the technical manual of the radar watch. (152 is ETA256.111, 129 is ETA 956.412) Also includes the battery model used. The 4-digit number in the middle section is the number of the case style, and the last digit indicates the material of the case. 2 indicates an electroplated case (gold plated or nickel plated), 3 indicates an anti-wear material on the case, (tungsten steel), 4 indicates a stainless steel or bimetal material, and 6 indicates a K gold material. The radar watch also has a number at 6 o'clock on the dial, which is the dial number. The dial number is 3 digits, where the first digit is the strap material and the last two digits are the color or craft of the luxury watches

The meanings of the last two digits are as follows: 01-09 or 64-69 dial is white, 10-14 dial is gray, 15-19 dial is black, 20-24 dial is blue, 25-29 dial is yellow (gold) 30-69 is a special color or synthetic sapphire dial, 70-79 is a dial with natural diamonds, 90-99 is a mother-of-pearl dial.

The brand new URWERK UR-100 time and space features the brand's iconic satellite time display and orbital hour satellite display. The minute pointer with a red pointed tip on the hour satellite disappears after 60 minutes and is replaced by the next hour. However, it is displayed again to show the original astronomical indication: the distance traveled on the earth (10 o'clock) and the distance traveled on the earth (2 o'clock). It's a bit confusing at first, but you can watch our video (at the top of the article) and continue reading to make the situation clearer. Basically, it uses the speed of the Earth on the equator or the Earth's orbital velocity around the Sun to show that from these different perspectives, the distance takes about 20 minutes. For example, at the equator, the Earth's perimeter is 40,070 kilometers, and the time of day is 24 hours, so the speed is 1,670 km / h. This allows you to drive 555.55 kilometers in about 20 minutes at 10 o'clock. In a similar manner, the 2 o'clock indicator shows the distance the Earth travels around the sun, spanning about 35,740 km every 20 minutes. urwerk replica

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