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SINGAPORE Authentic Tom Pyatt Jersey , Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Two suspect hackers were charged on Friday with alleged hacking of the website of the Istana, the presidential palace of Singapore.

Businessman Delson Moo, 42, and student Melvin Teo, 17 Authentic Bobby Ryan Jersey , were accused of modifying the contents of the server hosting the Istana website. Both cases will be back in court on Jan. 24 next year.

The alleged offenses were committed a minute apart. Teo is accused of modifying the contents of the server at 12:33 a.m., while Moo allegedly did the same at 12:34 a.m. Each of them is said to have done so twice on Nov. 8.

Court documents showed the duo apparently used the search function on the server hosting the website to process scripts. This was said to have caused the search function to generate instructions to display texts and images stated in their scripts.

The website supposedly displayed the image of a woman making a rude gesture, another image of a man pointing his index finger and three phrases, local broadcaster Channel NewsAsia said.

Under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, the highest penalty is a five-year jail term and a fine of 20 Authentic Chris Wideman Jersey ,000 Singapore dollars (16,000 U.S. dollars).

The two suspects were identified days after the web administrator of the Istana website lodged a police report. They were arrested on Thursday.

Local media said earlier that the suspects are believed to have got to know each other over Facebook. Moo admitted that he had committed the offense in a moment of folly.

"It was purely a stupid mistake," he was quoted as saying. "My hand was itchy and... I got myself into trouble."

Apparent members of international hackers collective Anonymous uploaded a video message in early November threatening to attack the Internet infrastructure of the Singapore government, urging it to reconsider a news portal licensing framework.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that Singapore authorities will "spare no effort" to track down culprits who launch cyberattacks even though they think they can hide behind the internet's veil of anonymity.

Following the warning, the hackers attempted to bring down the websites of Istana and the Prime Minister's Office on Nov. 8.

Separately Authentic Mike Condon Jersey , a 35-year-old Singaporean man was charged earlier this month with hacking the website of a local town council.

HOHHOT, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- China's largest forest zone earned 400,000 yuan (60,000 U.S. dollars) from its first sale of carbon offset credits Monday.

The Chuo'er forestry bureau of the Greater Hinggan Mountain forest in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region said it sold 40,000 tonnes of the forest zone's total 1.39 million tonnes of offset credits to an investment management firm in Zhejiang Province.

The Greater Hinggan Mountain forest zone covers an area of 106 Mike Hoffman Jersey ,700 square meters in Inner Mongolia with forest coverage reaching 77.44 percent. Commercial logging is banned.

Yu Shiping, an official with the Chuo'er forestry bureau, said carbon offset trade has created a bright future for maintaining and growing the forest.

China's carbon trade began in 2011. The market is open in seven provinces and municipalities and is expected to expand nationwide.

An industrial motor is essentially important in the appropriate functioning of machines used in industries that are varied. The selection is almost dependent upon the decision of the end user but also needs some proper inspection of the different types of motors. Industrial motors have altered layouts critical to the specific engineering practice where they are sought after. Therefore, one should be able to distinguish one kind of motor from the other.
The fundamental kinds of industrial motors include AC (e.g. Shaded Pole Motors Spaltpolmotoren), DC Jean-Gabriel Pageau Jersey , brushless DC, servo, gearless and linear motors. To reiterate, the reason why one should understand the different trait of one industrial motor kind is because of the fact that there are those that are apparently more appropriate in a special application than that of the other. Here are vital facts to pay attention to about each motor type.
AC motors are perhaps the most straightforward of all sorts of industrial motors. They can be favoured for the simplicity of their low financial investments, reliability of their operating abilities Craig Anderson Jersey , their designs and a number of mounting styles. Since they are available in an extensive array of environmental enclosures, additionally it is not difficult to find replacements of the parts of AC motors.
DC motors on the other hand, was the first kinds of industrial motor layouts. At present, systems with AC Motors (AC-Motoren), otherwise known as Induction Motors (Induktionsmotoren) Ryan Dzingel Jersey , are favoured by the majority of users, mainly due to the rate assortments that serve various torque uses. It has uncomplicated layouts matched by simple to control torque and speed. DC motors are bigger and more expensive in comparison to AC motors though. It demands higher maintenance and cannot be controlled in speeds that are lowest.
Supplies stepper motors and motors gear motors are considered less specific than DC and AC motors. In fact, the last two types are found under the broader category. In addition, it has other types and sizes for example single or multiphase, servo or induction and synchronous. When one considers such types of industrial motors Zack Smith Jersey , he must look into the speed of the rotating shaft together with the continuity of the current, torque and output power. A stepper motor on the other hand is one kind of industrial motor that makes use of a magnetic field for rotor movement. It operates with different stepping techniques like half, total or fractional measures. Voltage is important in changing the polarity of terminals applied to its rotor.
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