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According to The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study (1998) family members were identified as the perpetrator in 9 out of 10 substantiated cases of elder abuse and or neglect. http:www.aoa.goveldfamElder_RightsElder_AbuseABuseReport_Full.pdf Further Madison Bowey Capitals Jersey , this comprehensive study reports that 10% of all cases of elder abuse and or neglect were perpetrated by staff within a health or elder care service such as; home care, assisted living, nursing homes, or outside contractor such as a handyman service Lars Eller Capitals Jersey , maid, etc.In other words, for every one poorly operated elder care service exposed through the press, there are 9 businesses that are excelling. Health and elder care related businesses are faced with the challenges of overcoming the bad press of their competitors. And this is where an independent third party validation becomes critical.Organizations seeking to earn the publics trust need to do more than engage in trustworthy behaviorhey must have their actions verified by third-party sources that are themselves credible Jakub Vrana Capitals Jersey , according to preliminary findings released today by the Conference Board of Canada, an independent non-partisan organization. (http:www.conferenceboard.cawho.htm) The baby boomers and the senior citizen population are not all that different from Canadas population to the United States. In fact, the US may actually have a more cynical and questioning consumer given the type of press that normally makes the news, such as a recent story published in the Ladies Home Journal titled Authentic Jay Beagle Jersey , t Broke My Heart That I Couldn't Protect My Mom': The Truth About Nursing Homes (http:lifestyle.msnFamilyandParentingRaisingKidsArticleLHJ.aspx?cp-documentid=670382) ublic cynicism is such that organizations cannot simply claim trustworthiness by mere words or deeds. In light of recent scandals, anything organizations say or do is viewed suspiciously by the public. More than ever, the public requires independent sources of information on the trustworthiness of organizations,?said Prem Benimadhu Authentic John Carlson Jersey , Vice-President, Organizational Performance.The third party technique has been defined by one PR executive as, "put your words in someone else's mouth." PR firms have been known to put their words in the mouths of journalists by hiring reporters to write stories which favor their clients, or by funding tendentious university research which they then publicize as "proof" of their client's position.The savvy consumer of health and elder care services readily reads between the lines of representing the internal interests of a particular industry. Health and elder care associations offer accreditation for a fee and some do require the business to reach specific operating criteria. But for the most part Authentic Braden Holtby Jersey , these types of accreditations do not include any reassurances to the consumer through third-party validation. In fact, most industry specific certifications include disclaimers removing any and all potential claims against the accrediting body.Senior Approved Services is an independent consumer-driven survey service providing the opportunity for any qualified business that serves the senior citizen population a method to provide a comprehensive overview of the history of quality care provided by said business, through third party validation.Senior Approved Services is not influenced by government, by the typical strings attached to receiving grant monies Authentic Andre Burakovsky Jersey , and is not guided by any specific health or elder care industry-specific body of influence. It serves to inform the consumer whether or not a service is trustworthy based on the consumer-driven survey results.Third party validation is a valuable service and a method that quickly separates a Certified Senior Approved Service from one that is not. Offering a potential client the toll free number to speak with a live community liaison for a report on overall quality prior to contracting with the business results in a much higher closing ratio.Michael Griffin, President of Advanced Laser Solutions, recently wrote, Everyone at Advanced Laser Solutions just wanted to thank you for your continued support over the last couple of years. Our documented survey through Senior Approved Services has done wonders verifying our success.芒鈧?
North Florida is contains such large cities for the reason that Tallahassee Authentic Philipp Grubauer Jersey , Panama City Beach destination, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Pensacola. Tallahassee is largely popular to get the state capital not to mention home of Florida Say University. This school’s mascot could be the Seminoles and has an excellent athletics department consisting of any basketball, baseball and tournament football team. While in Tallahassee you must visit the Governor’s Show place Authentic Christian Djoos Jersey , the eclectic art districts or significant than 60 parks comprise this gorgeous city. Hike, bike or walk and listen to why this area can be so beautiful.

Rivaling Florida State University could be the University of Florida Gators which is situated in Gainesville. This city, joking called the swamp because the Gator mascot, bleeds vodafone and blue! This city is likewise home to Shands Hospital which is among the leading employers in it area and on cutting edge of medical research. Santa Fe Community College is in addition located here and maintain a pool of distinguished honor of being the only community college that runs a zoo in the united states. Students serve as guides opt to visit monkeys Authentic Devante Smith-Pelly Jersey , reptiles and a lot more at the 14 acre option.

Panama City has over 27 miles of beach which has developed into a sun lover’s paradise. Half dozen historic wrecks have made this area abundant to get snorkeling, fishing and technical scuba. It has exotic underwater life which helps these restaurants to provide you with the best seafood conceivable. What was once a concealed treasure is now a spring break hot spot. Almost year round you can find people su. Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Jerseys From China Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Retro Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys

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The number one killer of Americans Rasmus Ristolainen Sabres Jersey , both men and women, is heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, high blood cholesterol is the most significant risk factor. When you go to the doctor and he tells you your cholesterol level, you typically are told your TOTAL blood cholesterol level. How does cholesterol get into your blood? The body's liver makes most of the cholesterol it needs - yes, NEEDS. Some cholesterol is absorbed from the food you eat. The body needs cholesterol to make several important hormones including estrogen and testosterone. In addition Robin Lehner Sabres Jersey , cholesterol is part of the protective covering that surrounds nerves and other cell membranes.Elevated cholesterol levels are associated with heart disease. For a better assessment of your risk of heart disease, it is important to know not only your total cholesterol but also your HDL. The total cholesterol consists of HDL - high-density lipoprotein, LDL - low-density lipoprotein, and VLDL - very low-density lipoprotein. LDL is the bad guy. HDL is the good guy. Why? LDL cholesterol sticks to your the walls of your blood vessels and can cause blockage. VLDL is the precursor to LDL cholesterol. HDL goes around in the blood stream, collects bad cholesterol Zemgus Girgensons Sabres Jersey , and carries it back to the liver where it is broken down.It is desirable to keep total cholesterol levels below 200 mgdl. Values above 240 mgdl are considered significantly elevated. If you know your LDL value, it is desirable to have this type of cholesterol below 130 mgdl. Values for LDL above 160 are considered significantly elevated. Because HDL is the good guy, you want this level high. Values below 35 mgdl are a HIGH risk indicator for heart disease. It is more desirable to have HDL levels close to 50 mgdl or higher.The Total Cholesterol:HDL Ratio is a good indicator of risk. To calculate this important ratio, divide your Total cholesterol value by your HDL value. The HIGHER the ratio, the GREATER the risk of heart disease. For example: Total = 240 mgdl HDL = 30 mgdl Ratio = 24030 = 8.0 *This is a high risk ratio.*IDEAL RATIO FOR MEN IS LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 4.0.*IDEAL RATIO FOR WOMEN IS LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 3.5.What is cholesterol? It is a waxy Sam Reinhart Sabres Jersey , fat-like substance.What foods contain cholesterol? Foods of animal origin are the ONLY foods that contain cholesterol. Foods of plant origin, even those naturally containing fat, DO NOT contain cholesterol.Cholesterol in food:There are a number of factors that affect your blood cholesterol level. One factor, is a diet high in dietary cholesterol. Moderation is advised to keep cholesterol levels in check. The American Heart Association and the National Cholesterol Education Program recommend that you consume 300 mg of cholesterol or less per day.As stated above, foods of animal origin are the ONLY foods that contain cholesterol. Foods of plant origin Johan Larsson Sabres Jersey , even those naturally containing fat, DO NOT contain cholesterol. Are certain foods of animal origin higher in cholesterol than others? Yes.Not many people enjoy eating organ meats, such as liver. If you are someone who does, you should know that organ meats are high in cholesterol, 270 mg per 3-ounce serving of liver. While liver is nutritious Kyle Okposo Sabres Jersey , if you are at risk for heart disease then you need to limit your intake.Egg yolks have gotten a bad rap in the past. Why? It is because egg yolks are high in cholesterol, 215 mg per yolk. The yolk is definitely nutritious, its purpose is to provide nutrients for a chick embryo to develop. Unfortunately, it contains too much cholesterol to eat it as you please. You should limit the number of yolks you eat to 3-4 or less per week. What about the whites? Eat as many whites as you like. The white part of an egg contains no cholesterol and is a rich, complete source of protein.To limit the number of egg yolks Jake McCabe Sabres Jersey , you can substitute 2 egg whites for one whole egg when baking. For example, a recipe calls for 2 eggs. You could either use 1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites OR 4 egg whites. By doing this simple substitution, you will decrease the cholesterol content. Another option is to use an egg substitute, check label for egg equivalent.As for meats, look for leaner cuts of meat Justin Bailey Jersey , fish, and poultry. Cut away excess fat before cooking. Choose low-fat dairy products. By following these steps, you will not be able to eliminate all the cholesterol but you are taking important steps towards healthy eating.Read food labels for foods low in cholesterol or foods that are cholesterol free. How do you know if a product is low in cholesterol? Here are the food label requirements (government regulated):Label claim: Per Serving:Cholesterol Free - Less than 2 mg cholesterol and Less than or equal to 2 g of saturated fatLow Cholesterol - Less than or equal to 20 mg cholesterol and Less than or equal to 2 g of saturated fatReduced OR Less - At least 25% less cholesterol than theCholesterol original and Less than or equal to 2 g of saturated fatThe above table shows requirements for saturated fat. This is because blood cholesterol levels are significantly affected by dietary saturated fat intake. Cholesterol and saturated fat usually are found in the same foods, thus sometimes get confused. In animal products, both the lean portion - flesh or muscle - and the fatty tissue contain cholesterol. This is why some low-fat animal foods can be relatively high in cholesterol. Foods such as shellfish and organ meats are high in cholesterol yet low in saturated fat.Quiz question: Nuts are high in fat Ryan O'Reilly Jersey , 80-89% of calories coming from fat. Do they contain cholesterol? A: No.==> Nuts are from plant origi
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