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JAKARTA Dede Westbrook Shirt , Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian air forces have temporarily banned 11 remaining Super Tucano aircraft from flying as investigation on the cause of crash of one of the planes is yet to be completed.

Air Marshall Agus Supriatna, the chief of staff at the air forces, said on Thursday that the ban came into effect starting Thursday until officers reveal the investigation results of the plane accident.

However, Supriatna added that the Indonesian military would not stop the scheduled arrival of four new Super Tucano planes on Feb. 29 to the Abul Rachman Saleh airbase in Malang.

In 2012, Indonesia ordered 16 units of the Brazilian-made light attack planes, but only 12 of them have arrived.

On Wednesday, a Super Tucano aircraft crashed from mid-air into a housing area during a routine training flight Cam Robinson Shirt , killing four people, including the two men onboard and two civilians on the ground.


BEIJING, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- Viewers posting real-time comments on screen during a film is something that could never have been anticipated by the Lumiere brothers, the world's first filmmakers.

Nevertheless, "bullet screen," or "dan mu" in Chinese, which allows viewers' typed comments to zoom across the screen like bullets Logan Cooke Shirt , is an emerging craze on online video sites in China and Japan, where it is popular mainly with the young for its social interactivity.

And now Chinese cinemas have been inspired. After a theater in Shanghai bullet-screened animated film "The Legend of Qin" earlier this month, there have been similar screenings of other movies, including "Tiny Times 3.0," a hit among teenagers.

People commenting out loud during a movie has long been a bugbear of cinema-goers. With bullet screen, however, typing comments becomes part of a kind of game. All it takes is a mobile device that can connect to a wireless local area network.

Huang Leide Ronnie Harrison Shirt , a viewer who has watched the bullet-screen version of "Tiny Times 3.0," said he saw streams of messages during the screening that not only included opinions on the plot and characters but also dating invitations, advertisements and a request for help finding a phone charger.

But some argue that cinemas should not be offering bullet screenings, and that the trend is ruining serious cinema.

"It truly can reduce one's loneliness when watching a movie, but only poorly made movies and videos should be shown in this way," said someone with the screen name "Anladashen" on zhihu, a question-and-answer website.

The new trend Telvin Smith Shirt , though new to many film fans, has been popular for several years on bilibili and acfun, two bullet screen video-sharing websites.

Bilibili has accumulated more than five million registered users since its foundation in June 2009. Sometimes, messages are so dense that the whole screen can be blocked.

Bo Xiaolian, a movie critic, said that bullet-screen movies are catering to youngsters' needs to find others to identify with. "It is their own way to say goodbye to traditional movie watching."

Though bullet-screen movies are still small in number, some producers are tapping them to pull in audiences. Shen Leping Blake Bortles Shirt , director of "The Legend of Qin," said that there would be more than 100 showings of the film in the bullet-screen version before its official opening.

By mid-August, "The Legend of Qin" had garnered some 60 million yuan (9.76 million U.S. dollars) in ticket sales.

Shen had high expectations for the new trend. "People used to watch films in a worship mentality, now with bullet screenings, we are giving viewers an opportunity to interact with filmmakers," he said.

The 3rd China-Africa Political Parties Theoretic Seminar is held in Beijing, capital of China A.J. Bouye Shirt , Nov. 29, 2017. Song Tao, director of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, attended the opening of the seminar. (XinhuaChen Yehua)

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Wednesday held a seminar with African political parties to explore the mission and role of parties in building a China-Africa community of shared future.

Song Tao, director of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, addressed the opening of the seminar Myles Jack Shirt , which was held ahead of upcoming CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting in Beijing.

Song briefed the attendees on the 19th CPC National Congress, including the concept of building a community of shared future.

In the process of exploring paths toward modernization, China and Africa should share ideas, draw on each other's strengths and support each other's undertakings, Song said.

Acknowledging that political parties exert great influence in the development of countries and their engagement with other countries, Song said that the CPC is willing to maintain close relations with African political parties.

Over 60 representatives of political parties from some 20 African countries attended the seminar.

Evariste Ndayishimiye, secretary general of CNDD-FDD of Burundi Leonard Fournette Shirt , said his country hope to learn from Chinese experiences, especially in promoting comprehensive development and people's welfare.

Solomon Lechesa Tsenoli, Central Committee member of the South African Communist Party and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, said his party is curious about the CPC experiences in capacity-building and how to run programs.

In his keynote speech, Song also called for more mutual trust and learning, as well as practical and win-win cooperation, as the Chinese and African economies are highly complementary to each other.

He also recommended strengthened security cooperation and coordination on international affairs to contribute insights and solutions on global economic governance Jalen Ramsey Shirt , sustainable development and the reform of international institutions.

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