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In recent years Byron Buxton Jersey , some papers and magazines have reported an encouraging theory concerning the itchy member. Maintaining good male organ health helps avoid this problem, but even the most hygienic man still suffers from an itchy member occasionally. Anything that helps decrease the chance of an itchy male appendage is welcome news. But is there truth to this particular theory, which holds that the increasing popularity of mid-section hair shaving is impacting the need to scratch?

An old custom

Of course, people have been shaving their nether regions for centuries, with it documented at least as far back as the ancient Egyptians. But Miguel Sano Jersey , if “trend” stories can be believed, it does seem that there has been an upturn in the amount of mid-section shaving in recent years, in both women and men.

Why shaving?

But why should removing mid-section hair have a positive impact on an itchy member? There are two general lines of thought in this area.

One, by shaving away the mid-section hair, a man is “cooling off” his equipment a bit. Less heat generates less sweat Brian Dozier Jersey , which in turn brings less bacteria. Bacteria cause rashes and irritation that initiate the need to itch.

Two, shaving not only shaves away any mid-section lice in the area (and responsible for some of the most persistent genital itching), it also removes their “habitat” and thus keeps them from returning to create problems anew.

These are good explanations. Unfortunately, there are some flaws in this reasoning which may impact how much good shaving might do.

The flaws

So what are the flaws in the arguments in favor of mid-section shaving to reduce the likelihood of an itchy member?

Starting with the “cooling off” theory, there is definitely some validity to it. A shorn manhood area is indeed cooler Kirby Puckett Jersey , and therefore may reduce sweat-related itchiness. However, some men find that the act of shaving actually enhances itchiness, from cuts or scrapes. Waxing may eliminate this, but even then the absence of a thatch of hair removes a protective layer from the skin. Exposed, it may react negatively from rubbing against underwear or trousers Throwback Minnesota Twins Jerseys , or to chemicals in soaps, cleansers and detergents. So it seems that for some men there is a trade-off which may negate the anti-itching gains experienced.

What about the lice issue? Indeed, one reason why shaving in far-ago Egypt was popular was the belief that it helped eliminate nasty crabs. And it is true that shaving (or even better still, waxing) is likely to remove some of the nasty little buggers from the skin. However, it is not likely to remove them all. Certainly reducing the number of mid-section lice present would help to reduce itching Custom Minnesota Twins Jerseys , but it would not eliminate it. More importantly, the lice left behind would continue to reproduce. Reducing mid-section lice is good, but ultimately a man really needs to take steps to get rid of them entirely.

Basically, shaving may play a role in diminishing the problem of an itchy member, but more conclusive steps need to be taken to truly address the issue. Certainly using a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil Authentic Minnesota Twins Jerseys , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help maintain the overall health of the manhood should be part of any battle against an itchy member. Itchiness is often related to the general health of the member skin. Using a crème that can create a moisture lock by combining a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) with a powerful hydrator (like vitamin E) is one way to keep the manhood hydrated and supple. For extra help, be sure the crème also includes vitamin C; as a key component of collagen, vitamin C gives needed tone and elasticity to male organ skin.
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