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points and 7 rebounds, and Alan Anderson
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San Antonio's second unit played a 14-7, 70-59 open a gap. After the Knicks with a ball, then nearly 6 minutes failed to score again, thecheap nike air max wright Spurs again after shooting 13-0, in this section there are 83-61 lead with 3 minutes 37 seconds.In the third quarter, the Spurs with a 38-21 win, the first three leading by 21 points, to 94-73 prevail.Fourth quarter San Antonio extend its advantage to 25 points, then they shot down, but has been closed out. SINA buy nike air max r4 sports news Beijing time on December 11, the bulls beat the nets at home; the Mavericks at home through Lectra, the Pelican. Following is a summary of these two games:Nets 80-bulls 105The Bulls (13-8), an easy ride. Starting five Tigers in double figures, Derrick rose scored 23 points in less than 24 minutes, Jimmy Butler 18 points, Pau Gasol's 16 points, 16 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, and Mike Dunleavy 14, Taki-Gibson's 11 points

and 10 rebounds, and 6 blocked shots. [Free NBA betting: Knight by 2.5 points and Oklahoma City] [50 percent bet on any match]The nets (8-12) three-game losing streak. They were shooting 32%, three-point shooting 3 of 14 shots. cheap nike air structure triax 91 Deron Williams 17 points and 5 assists, and Kevin Garnett to 13 points and 7 rebounds, and Alan Anderson 12 points.First Chicago and 20-25 down, both sides fighting in the first half to 51-51.After the nets in the third cheap nike air max tn for sale quarter to 55-53 excess, followed by 5 minutes they failed to hit a ball, Bulls by Ross and Mike Dunleavy made three points, played a 15-1, to 68-56 excess. After this, the bulls led 77-68.Midway through the fourth quarter, rose twice three-hit, they played a 15-0, 101-73 in the game with 3 minutes 17 seconds remaining by far.Pelican 107, Dallas 112The Mavericks (17-7) guard monta Ellis back, scored 26 points and 5 assists,

and Dirk Nowitzki to 20 points and 6 rebounds and Chandler Parsons ' three-pointer in a 6-3, also got 20 points. Substitute Devin Harris 20 points and cheap nike blazers ireland 3 assists.Pelican (10-11) two-game winning streak ended. -Zhu Huo Ledi scored 30 points and 10 assists, and Anthony Davis, 31 points and 11 rebounds, Taj Rick Evans scored only 8 points. Substitute Ryan Anderson failed to hit three-pointers and scored 13 points.Pelican scored 36 points in the second quarter, leading to 51-47 in the first half.Calf in the third quarter to fight back, equalised. After three, Pelican 78-77 a 1-point lead.Wright Dunks in the fourth quarter the beginning succeeded, even vote taken penalty scored 3 points, and since then his alley-OOP dunk, the Mavericks after shooting 9-2, a 86-80 lead.Pelican attack, but the Mavericks in three minutes and frequently clamped down. Game with 4 minutes 52

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