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adidas arkyn pink
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Datum: 10 October, 2018 06:45

adidas Sneakers 2018 Raising the standard for fashion-forward women’s footwear, the Arkyn W combines adidas’ unparalleled sportswear pedigree with an uncompromising style perspective to create a new expression of what women’s athletic footwear can be.

adidas Sneakers women buy The Arkyn features a clean technical mesh upper, decorated with the 3-stripe mark and a mesh tongue, designed with a sock-like construction for optimum comfort and fit. Striking design elements like a neoprene heel and unorthodox minimalist lacing system raise the aesthetic profile of the shoe, while a BoostTM midsole with rubber outsole offers the very best in adidas tech.

adidas Sneakers mens cheap The final product is a fearless combination of everything adidas Originals does best – uniting, style, sport, culture and creativity under a single roof.Kendall Jenner fronts the highly-anticipated adidas Originals Arkyn campaign alongside Serbian artist Ana Kras, Meta Flora founder Marisa Competello, musician Syv de Blare, and soccer player Florencia Galarza, who all strongly embody the notion that this vintage inspired, sporty tech runner is unquestionably meant for creative minded and defiant individuals who are looking to think outside the box.

adidas arkyn pink The Arkyn silhouette gives reference to the classic adidas archives, whilst also pointing to the future. The sock-like sneaker features a technical Primeknit mesh upper, neoprene heel, a dual-tone lacing system, Boost midsole and is branded with the iconic Three-Stripe mark.


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