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Diaphragm type gasoline pump
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Datum: 7 December, 2018 06:29

Diaphragm gasoline pump is the representative of mechanical gasoline pump. It is used in carburetor engine. It is usually driven by eccentric wheel on camshaft. Its working condition is as follows:
(1) When the eccentric top of the camshaft swings the rocker arm and pulls down the pump membrane rod, the pump membrane drops and suction is generated, and the gasoline is sucked out of the tank, and through the tubing, the gasoline filter and the oil chamber of the gasoline pump.
(2) When the eccentric wheel rotates at a certain angle and no rocker arm is jacked, the pump membrane spring extends and the jacking pump membrane rises, which presses the gasoline from the oil outlet valve to the float chamber of the carburetor.
Diaphragm gasoline pump is characterized by simple structure, but due to the thermal impact of the engine, special attention should be paid to ensure the performance of the pump oil at high temperature, and the durability of rubber diaphragm for heat and oil.
The maximum fuel supply of gasoline pump is 2.5-3.5 times larger than that of gasoline engine. When the fuel consumption of the pump is greater than that of the fuel consumption and the needle valve of the carburetor float chamber is closed, the pressure in the oil pump outlet pipeline increases, which reacts to the oil pump, thus shortening or stopping the diaphragm stroke.
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