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Assembling Procedures of Anti-corrosion and Wear-resistant Floating Drum Hydraulic Pump
Autor: meishengchao (101.228.47.---)
Datum: 4 July, 2019 04:57

The phenolic fiberglass reinforced plastics (PFRP) parts of anti-corrosive and wear-resistant float submerged pump contacted with the medium, which were moulded at high temperature, and the phenolic fiberglass reinforced plastics pipes (PFRP) which were made by Semi-dry rolling process were used for connecting pipes and outlet pipes. The assembly of impeller sleeve was all bonded together with phenolic cement and the shaft of the submerged pump. The product has the advantages of light weight, high strength, non-deforming, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It can partly replace precious metals such as aluminium stainless steel, iron and titanium alloy in anti-corrosion. There are about 8 steps in assembling and disassembling anti-corrosion and wear-resisting submerged pump, which are as follows:
1. The bearings are respectively mounted on the bearing box and the bearing seat.
2. Install felt ring on bearing end cap, C and bearing box;
3. Install bearing end caps B and C on the bearing seat and fasten them with bolts.
4. Put the bearing box loaded with bearings on the axle, screw on the round nut, and fasten the bearing end cap armor on the bearing box.
5. Install the shaft into the bearing seat, fix it with bolts, screw up the adjusting screw, and install the bearing on the support seat, and place the water retaining ring at the appropriate position of the lower bearing.
6. Fix the connecting pipe on the bearing seat, install the pump cover at the lower part of the connecting pipe, install the impeller at the lower part of the shaft and tighten it, install the front cover of the pump body of the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant submerged pump in turn, and fix the bolt, adjust the gap between the impeller and the front cover with the adjusting screw at the bearing box, (control within 1-1.5mm) and adjust the bolt after use. Nut, bolt fastening;
7. The motor support is fixed on the bearing base with bolts, the upper end of the shaft is fixed with coupling components, and the motor coupling is fixed on the motor shaft head with fastening bolts. The motor is installed on the motor support, and is fastened with bolts and nuts.
8. Install asbestos pad, elbow and pipe fittings from anti-corrosive and wear-resistant float submerged pump in the order of output, and fix them on the support.
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