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Although the current Air Jordan 1 color matching is numerous
Autor: HerbertGeorgeWells2019 (1.85.207.---)
Datum: 10 October, 2019 05:33

Although the current Air Jordan 1 color matching is numerous, but the appearance of this color match still let everyone feel its unique existence. The addition of bar code has the flavor of the times, the design of Swoosh yin and yang on the side is also very popular, coupled with the use of white and lemon yellow, so that the shoes are fresh and energetic. And the performance of such a pair of shoes in the market can also be described by twists and turns. Shoes from the initial market pre-sale to the official listing period, the price of rapid decline is more normal. The lowest price in a few days was below 2000 yuan yeezy replica shoes , but then the price pulled up, but obviously did not get rid of the overall downward trend. Although innovation is definitely a good thing, now the market is more fond of "toes" series and "smash" and other classic color matching, new color matching is often difficult to meet the original market expectations,fake yeezy 350 v2 not to mention the current average price still has a downward trend, so friends who want to start may need to be patient.

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