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all give people a sense of defamiliarity
Autor: HerbertGeorgeWells2019 (1.85.207.---)
Datum: 10 October, 2019 05:44

This shoe reveals a taste of the first year from the inside out. Classic black and royal blue, familiar litchi leather shoes and classic collision design all give people a sense of defamiliarity. Only such a design can provide a good upper foot effect, but also combined with Flu Game disease color matching with mandarin ducks, but failed to drive more market response. After more than a week on the market, shoe prices fell in an arc, selling fake yeezys and the average price was still above the selling price, but the lowest price was close to 1300 yuan. As there will be more popular shoes to go on sale in the near future, the market for blue is also very limited, so the short-term shoes are less likely to rise and adjust. Considering that the current market price has begun to stabilize,where to get fake yeezy boost like friends can start to consider.

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