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The old streets and
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The old streets and lanes used to be like the veins and veins of the old county town of Gaomi, connecting the diet and daily life of the people. When I was a kid, I lived on Torii Street. It was a relatively wide old street, about five meters wide and over two hundred meters long. The archway is built by the Li family who lives in the middle of the street. Shifang is called a standing history book by modern people. The historical watchman who once had a wind and rain was gone in my childhood. Because of the erosion of perennial rain, the streets are like bare riverbeds, full of stones. Children have endless play materials, as if they were as big as fists, Small as cardamom or smooth or rough natural stones build our childhood. Among the intricate stones, is there a buried archway stone carved with auspicious clouds and buried historical and cultural relics? Hastily stepped over, ignorant children have played, and no one has touched its sensitive core. Old street residents approached the stone steps of the street like a ramp, and the steps were all made of old stones. (At that time, cement was as rare as polyester cloth.) The old stone strips, which were endowed with spirituality by the wind and rain of nature, were as comfortable as the cotton clothes on our bodies. Most of my childhood time was spent on stone bars, playing family, picking up sand, playing apricot kernels, kicking sandbags, spinning tops ... bluestone bars, redstone bars, smooth, textured ... ���������� All play the role of stools, tables and chairs, chopping boards, game tables, etc ..., even if the children fight, the old stone bar will be converted into a ring ... �������� There, like many people's childhood, we also played tricks like worshipping the heavens and earth, inserting dandelion flowers under the steps on the "bride" 's crochet. Although Torii Street was already inhabited by residents in several outdoor areas and even outside counties, the atmosphere of large families still permeated the entire old street. The ancient monuments of the bucket arch eaves still exist, thick red pine windows, square and strong wooden rafters; delicate and detailed small black tile ridges ... Most of the houses also maintain precise brick and wood structures, and the rafters and beams connected by tenons seem It is a living creature with life. The entire house layout remains the most complete for the Li family. Li Jiazu opened the drug store, which was upright and mellow; his temperament was calm and peaceful, and he was a respected old family in the archway street. He used to have his own hall name. Although social changes have also impacted this well-ordered family, the stability, impassioned personality power and indignity of events, and the immense determination and demeanor that ordinary people do not possess have kept this door court harmonious and dignified. The old look. It can be seen that people's internal cultivation is also a heavy culture. It is because of such a temperament of torii street that it looks brilliant Newport 100S. Most of the descendants of the family are medical workers. When I was about four years old, I never liked to eat. My mother begged the old doctor to give me a bitch. Facing the silver needle, my face was already horrified, and my mother's gentleness also reduced the fear of unhappiness. In the shade of the martyrdom leading to the temple house, the old man crouched down, like a messenger sent by God. Even though he doesn't have a white beard, his nasal voice is still so heavy that it makes me think that he is not talking with his mouth, but with his nose. However, this special voice is like the fragrance of the plants in the courtyard: the same as from the nature, it is enough to offset the pain in the fingers and the stone steps at the door of the dreader in the heart. Stay there longer than elsewhere. In my heart, the most tempting reason is the cleanness and elegance of the courtyard. The yard of an average family is often covered with chicken feces and grass. And here is completely different, even the fallen leaves and petals on the edge of the gangway have a special feeling. Perhaps it still completely retains the features of the old years Marlboro Gold. The roads leading to the temple house and the west chamber are all paved with cobblestones. The arrangement of flowers and trees is smooth and elegant. The red fruits of wolfberry and the purple ears of lilac are full of the magical beauty of the plant, and I remember exactly the hibiscus flower; a bauhinia as tall as a small tree, and the clusters of blue-purple red flowers are beautiful as if from wonderland; There are some tall trees and shrubs Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Like this family, there is a faint fragrance. Indeed, in the middle of the street are the west four rooms of the eight houses of the Mao family and the east four rooms of the eight houses of the Li family. The houses of several large families on Torii Street are all in a pattern of four. The house next to the street by thethe old neighbourhood who got up early for a walk. She hurriedly called people to continue down the well rope to rescue, and quickly brought to the mouth The old man's hands couldn't hold it, and he fell back to the bottom of the well. The crowd scrambled to pick her up again, but it was safe! So she asked her, "Why did it fall?" The old man replied shamefully, "I came out early in the morning and saw that there was a large water basin here, and I wanted to wash my feet ..." It sounded terrifying. !! Who would think of a well as a basin? It's bright! Real and magical answers, like legendary words, have hidden mysteries. On that day, Lao's family came to the well to burn paper and burn incense. Does Old Well Fruit Have Divine Power? I would rather believe that this alley called "Peace" saved her. Soon after the incident, the old well was sealed and the old and obsolete streets will eventually go into history. But recalling them is like an amulet of fragrance, exuding the fragrance of plants and trees, and looking at old photos, glowing with amiable yellow. Old street
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