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Mao family was a
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Mao family was a private school. At that time, it was struggling with a single surname. When they knocked down and rebuilt, the house was naked for many days. It was a rare gray-gray ground with delicate blue light. The children got such a flat and smooth treasure land and vigorously played on it. It wasn't until many years later that my uncles and grandfathers went home to visit their relatives. I didn't know that at that time, when I was stepping on the nostalgia of my grandparents and stepping from childhood to adolescence, Torii Street disappeared in order to open the way. But I would rather believe that it is like a model of a garden, which is turned into a different place by the whole. It remains so intact in my childhood, all stones, flowers and trees, games, live in memories that never fade. Bright and cheerful masculinity. Like that piece of old stone, no matter how many years of vicissitudes are carved in the forehead, it will not be humble! Fangjie crosses a north-south alley to the east to Hujiajie. It is where I live today. It is completely opposite to the old streets of childhood. It is narrow and long, as if the sunlight is always dissatisfied, so the land is always moist, suitable for the birth of plantain, purslane, dandelion, and many other names I ca n��t name. Wild plants, a little open space, broomsticks and gastrodia can grow stubbornly longer than shoulders ... Needless to say. So there are many insects and animals hiding. Old trees and vines were originally there. As soon as the spring comes, waiting for the buds, long leaves, attracting magpies; the swallows swept low on the shoulders of people, and when we were young, we were tired of playing at the door of the house, and the action would secretly expand outwards Cigarettes For Sale, but never stepped on Entered Hujia Street. The first household at the west end of Hujia Street was the Shen Family Courtyard, which had a large number of residents. The gate was high and empty, as if some green-faced fangs would be thrown off at any time; the stone lion squatting the door, such a pair of stone lions squatting in this narrow and deep alley, seemed very grieved, and its open mouth seemed to roar and jump at any time. The girls were playing games among the Shishi. They looked like they had eagle-hook noses, their eyes were gloomy Online Cigarettes, and they were very unfriendly. It seemed that foreign children invaded their territory as soon as they entered this side street. Rather than the horrible spooky entrance that made us flee, it was better to say that the eyes of exclusion blocked childhood feet until I grew up, and the real estate developer developed half of it, and the gatehouse that Stone Lion also followed disappear. I only knew that there was a huge mulberry garden in the south as far as Hujia Street went east! When I heard it, I was stunned. The planting of mulberry and silkworm was once an ancient natural economic period, and the daily production and living order of the people. How many ancient poems have described this scene, making people endless reveries. Sangyuan may not be unusual in the countryside. It was surprising that it was born in such a narrow street. The elderly over 60 years old called the Zhao family instead of the Zhao family, but called the "Sangyuan family", which shows that it had a great influence at the time. My uncles and grandfathers left their homes when they were young. When I came back to visit my relatives, the mulberry garden director Sang Yuan shouted so shortly, as if time was absent, the green mulberries in the garden were still green; the busy laughter of the female relatives in blue robes still reverberating Marlboro Cigarettes... Now Hujiajie Like an open nature textbook for children to read, they are blowing water, catching soil, catching dragonflies or grasshoppers under the old wall; climbing on the shoulder of the old locust tree and pulling it down like a white beard Sophora flowers; in the dusk of summer, watch the gecko under the old vine and stretch out its long tongue to eat mosquitoes. In winter snow, the sparrows who are not afraid of the cold pecking the plane bells on the sycamore tree; It was to remove the grass covered ditch and disturb the dream of the little hedgehog. There was an old man named Ju who told me about his young man entering the city with his father to do business. He rented it on Hujia Street, and walked upright with a second. The fox touched a legendary experience. From then on, I walked in the night, always worried that I would meet this strange elf animal. However, all the wild cats or weasels have been seen. For modern people, it may live in ��Liao Zhai�� forever, which is unique to the old street and still breeds countless mysterious breaths. For example, Lao Jing had dark and deep eyes. All legends seem to come from distant times. But when the new millennium came, something strange happened in the alley in the east of the street: in the early morning of summer, an old man who once lived in the old street put a pair of small shoes on the well edge neatly and dropped She went to the well. When her shout came from the deep bottom of the well, it turned into a very faint voice. Fortunately, she was heard by
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