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winner of the British Hairdressing Awards
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Datum: 15 January, 2020 04:07

Price & Driscoll's 2018 'Hunger' collection pays homage to the 1990s catwalk presentations by fashion inspector Alexander McQueen. Created by Ben Driscoll-Price - four-time winner of the British Hairdressing Awards - the collection uses cuts and styles that are both rigorous and are dramatic. It works with graphic silhouettes and a contemporary look and feel. The result, like Mc Queen's runway shows, is both classic, dark and beautiful as well as a perfect snapshot.

Hair: Ben Driscoll-Price
Photographer: John Rawson
Make Up: Maddie Austin
Styling: Jamie Russell
Images: FPA

The Berlin Paul Mitchell? Stylist Eevie Ostrich (Hairdesign by Evelyn Strau?) And her team are in love with the cold season. The result of this enthusiasm is a modern and versatile collection for autumn / winter, in which every salon employee could creatively realize himself with a look. "The finished buy lace wigs uk hairstyles reflect our daily work and are at the same time a look book and poster for our salon," says Evelyn Strau.

Together with the photographer Marie Staggat, they created four women's and one men's look, which should be the inspiration for other salons. "We consciously decided against professional models and asked our customers whether they would like to work with us on this project."

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