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Are you excited for adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static?
Autor: blair2019 (64.64.108.---)
Datum: 4 December, 2018 13:32

The already exposed adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static is highly anticipated with the transparent design that first appeared in the Yeezy series. The reflective effect of the stars on the vamp is even more amazing. Today, the exposure account YEEZY MAFIA finally brought the latest information. Surprisingly, there are two versions of “Static”, of which the reflective version is only 5000 pairs worldwide! The Yeezy 350 V2 “Static” is actually available in two versions, one with a reflective effect and the other with a plain weave with a translucent design. According to Xiaobian's observation, in addition to the reflective effect under low light, the two versions can be quickly distinguished by the shoelace. The reflective version of the lace is gray and two-tone, while the normal version of the lace is white. It is reported that the reflective version "Static Reflective" is only available in the world for 5000 pairs. This year, everyone is accustomed to the large volume of Yeezy. This relatively "super-limited" color scheme may surprise many players.

This month, there will be 3 new Yeezy new products. On December 14th, the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Yellow Zebra will be released again. The two new products at the end of the month are debut, and there is absolutely enough visual effect. Unique highlights. This is the second sale of the Zebra family's "two homes" yellow zebra color matching. With the overall color of the yellow color, the style of these shoes is more individual. The Static Color Matching 350 V2 is a pioneering new style! Not only does the iconic “paint strip” on the side of the shoe change to a translucent material, but the texture of the upper is also refreshing. Although it may be out of date to sell in the winter, the new effect brought by these shoes is absolutely difficult for the tide people to resist! It will be officially released on the 27th of the month, and will be the first to try the new style of Yeezy. The effect of the foot is also quite technological and future. But it is worth noting that this pair of Static also has a pair of brothers shoes, which is the previously exposed Static Reflective, with a full body 3M reflection.

Just after the Air Jordan 11 Concord will be re-enacted this year, Xiao Bian has a bold idea: Will 2019 re-enact another top-ranking black-red Air Jordan 11 “Bred”? After nearly a year of "obscenity", there is finally news today. At the end of next year, Jordan Brand plans to officially return Air Jordan 11 "Bred"! “Concord” and “Bred” are definitely the most popular two colors in Air Jordan. It’s hard to say who is better. The last “Concord” was engraved in 2011, the next year’s black and red “Bred” re-enactment, if you follow two pairs Shoes are returning to this law again after seven years, and the return of Air Jordan 11 "Bred" next year can be said to be a real hammer. Although no pictures have been released yet, according to the design of the Air Jordan 11 in recent years, the black and red color scheme should still restore the design of the first year to the greatest extent, which means that the design of the large patent leather may be retained.

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