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Both Li and Zhou have advised residential
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With any project you should have blueprints to outline exactly what you are looking to build. But before you can even get to that point wholesale nike air max , you need to determine what things are a must verses things that would be nice but are not a necessity. To help you do that I want to urge you to think outside of the traditional norms of labels that areas of a home are given. A house is what it contains, not the walls that make up the structure. That is the most beneficial way to think about your new home, not simply as a “dining room”, “kitchen” or “living room.” Everybody lives and how they do it has nothing to do with the square footage of the room.
Instead consider how you are going to use the space. Will you be preparing food, sleeping, entertaining wholesale air max china , storing or washing? The most intensely used space in a home is usually the kitchen, and it tends to be the most overdone room in the house. Stocked full of shiny appliances and cabinets jammed into odd sizes and shapes. Consider your living style when determining what you’ll really be using everyday. Say you just have to have that double oven, will you actually use it or will you be using your microwave to cook dinner on the fly? If you prefer to entertain and eat in a separate room of the house, than perhaps a kitchen that is compact where simple meals can be prepared will suffice.
Traditional dining areas are also something that many people say they absolutely must have, but then is left barren except for three or four meals annually. If that’s the case, than maybe having the additional room isn’t a must after all. Instead you may want that space to be dedicated to the “living” area where you spend more of your time. Write down the use of each space and be specific to paint a picture of what you will want to include there.
Sit down and think about how you would like the flow of the house to be. I’m not talking about feng shui wholesale air max shoes , simply the way you will be moving through the house. The majority of homes are set up with one long hallway with rooms branching off of them. Is that a beneficial structure to use in your life? Or would it make sense to use a different configuration so that each room flows into the next, specifically in the areas like your kitchen and living room?
Having all of your ideas written down and determining a list of the non-negotiable items will help you when you begin drafting the design of your new home or addition. Especially if a portion of the project exceeds your budget. You will already have figured out what parts are nice to have but not vital and can be omitted. This will make planning and construction less stressful for you to make adjustments along the way to building your dream home.

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BEIJING, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- While approaching his destination, a downtown restaurant wholesale air max , Jin Gen grabs his smartphone, opens an app and drives to a shopping mall basement parking zone as directed.

"With the app, I can park my car as close as possible in just a short time," he said.

Zhang, who lives in Beijing's suburban Tongzhou District, often found it difficult to park his car after driving downtown , until a friend told him about parking apps.

"The apps can instantly tell me about nearby parking zones, as well as how many open spots they have -- 'plenty,' 'few,' or 'full,'" he said.

He said some apps also offer electronic coupons to encourage people to pay their parking fees with their mobiles, which has saved him a lot of time queuing at the exit.

Dozens of parking apps wholesale air max cheap , such as U-parking and ETCP, are available in Beijing.

According to China Communications and Transportation Association, there were 4 million parking spaces in Beijing as of April 2017, far fewer than the number of vehicles in the city, which is approaching 6 million.

"It's obviously not practical to build that many parking spaces given the limited land in downtown Beijing, so the key is to encourage a 'parking lot sharing' concept with the help of smartphones wholesale air max deluxe ," said Li Xin, a Beijing political advisor.

At the ongoing first session of the 13th Beijing Municipal Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Li proposed that the government offer a unified data-sharing platform for these apps, as well as preferential policies including subsidies.

"The current financing channels and embedded advertising are surely not sustainable for these apps," she said.

Zhou Zhengyu, director of the Beijing municipal commission of transport wholesale air max 95 , echoed Li's view, saying a unified platform backed by the government would save users from downloading multiple apps.

Zhou, also a political advisor for Beijing, advised shopping centers, hospitals and other public institutions to open their parking venues to the public in the evening so that nearby residents could park their cars after work.

Around 1.3 million cars have no proper parking space in residential communities in Beijing, according to a recent survey conducted by the commission.

Zhou said an office building managed by a Hong Kong company had provided overnight parking services in Dongcheng District wholesale air max 1 , charging them 300 yuan (47 U.S. dollars) per car per month.

"Hundreds of parking lot units have been supplied for nearby residents after work," he said.

Both Li and Zhou have advised residential communities to share their parking spaces with nearby office workers during the daytime, although residents have expressed safety concerns.

"Parking space sharing attracts strangers, putting the elderly and children back home at risk during the day," said Jin.

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