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Family Friendly Online Games ? Are they Possible? Family Articles | July 20 Tracy McGrady USA Jersey , 2009
Although many online games are promoted as family games, are they really family friendly or is it misleading advertising?

Does the idea of quality family-time appeal to you? Adults, teenagers and younger children having fun and getting along together is something many parents strive towards. As parents, my wife and I have that hope for our family, but we need some occasional help in achieving that aim. Family games are one way of providing that help.

Online games are sometimes labelled "family friendly" Stephon Marbury USA Jersey , whether the game is played directly over the internet or is downloaded to play at home later. Sometimes they are called "family safe" or even just "family games". When I look at these games I ask myself, 'Are these games really family friendly?'

Let's begin by asking, 'What does "family safe" mean?' It can be defined as reinforcing the moral values of most parents and families. Values and behaviours which do not support these, such as drug use, gambling or excessive violence Stephen Curry USA Jersey , are not condoned in these games. However, this doesn't mean there is no violence at all. As long as players are shooting or otherwise hurting animals or aliens, and not people, it is seen as acceptably "family safe"!

When a game is simply described as a "family game", it may not support the moral values of? a "family safe" game. So-called "family games" may include actions which are illegal or immoral in the real world Scottie Pippen USA Jersey , all in the name of entertainment. How many online "family games" encourage speeding on public roads, the destruction of property or other criminal acts?

As well as the moral deficiency of many online games, they are generally played solo, with one player competing against a high score. Online family games rarely allow multiple players to compete against each other.

If "family games" and "family safe" games are poor descriptions of the sort of games we would like our families to play, what should we seek in "family friendly" games?

To be truly "family friendly" Russell Westbrook USA Jersey , games should go beyond merely being "family safe" and should actively promote beneficial family relationships. Not only should they avoid negative behaviours and values, they should encourage positive family values. Values such as showing care for each other, having fun and interacting in positive ways between all family members, regardless of age. In other words, enjoying each other's company!

Although many online games may be family safe Paul George USA Jersey , none are really family friendly. They do not provide the fellowship that goes with the whole family spending time together over a game. They also fail to allow the expression of love and care that can be part of a truly family friendly game, as well as the enjoyment of shared fun.

If online games are not really family friendly, which games are? What about trying some old-fashioned, traditional games where your family sits around a table and plays a board game or card game, a dice game or parlor game or even dominoes? The type of games where there are opportunities to spend time together with the occasional bout of laughter and the possibility of expressing love by helping each as the game proceeds. Games where young children Patrick Ewing USA Jersey , teens and adults spend quality time having fun together. A weekly time of family togetherness after the evening meal where a game or two can take an hour but provide long term benefits that last a lifetime.

Family friendly games provide so many benefits for deep family relationships. Children who are accustomed to a steady diet of online games may take a while to appreciate these benefits. After the excitement and action of online games, family friendly games can seem a little tame and boring, but don't give up. Try different games each week to keep it interesting. Persevere ? your children will ultimately come to appreciate and value your efforts.

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