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Ayurvedic Supplements For Hypertension To Reduce High Blood Pressure Health Articles | December 21 Cheap Bills Shirts , 2016

Stresx capsules provide effective ayurvedic supplements for hypertension. These supplements keep heart healthy and reduce high blood pressure naturally.

High blood pressure is a common problem which generally affects people at elder age. High consumption of salt in food and stress brings this problem a little earlier in life. There are no typical symptoms of high BP but one suffers through dizziness, anxiety, shortness of breath, facial flushing and headaches. High BP can be detected by taking blood pressure readings regularly and continuous readings of 140 over 90 for long time indicate hypertension. High blood pressure for long time increases the risk of cardiac arrest Cheap Bills Jerseys , strokes and other life threatening conditions. High BP problem also affects healthy functions of kidney and blood purification process in body. Muscles have to put extra pressure to pump out blood from heart to circulate properly in body which results in hardening of arteries. Narrowing of arteries also causes barrier in blood flow and thus increases BP. One can use herbal remedies which not only reduce high blood pressure but also improve heart health.

This health problem generally happens after age of 60 but one may experience this problem at early stage of life due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating disorders like high consumption of salt in food. High quantity of sodium present in blood absorbs water from tissues and thus increases fluid level in blood. This is how salt consumption increases the risk of hypertension. One can use Stresx capsules which are powerful ayurvedic supplements for hypertension. Herbal formula of these supplements also reduces effects of thyroid disorder and keeps blood pressure normal. These supplements have shown positive results even in case of genetic and hereditary problems of high BP. Prevention of hypertension reduces stress on kidney functions and protects this organ from bad effects of high BP. These supplements are also very beneficial for those who are obese, smoke a lot, suffer through insomnia, do excessive alcoholism and are physically less active. These supplements also strengthen muscles and improve health of heart.

Stresx capsules contain Ashwagandha Taron Johnson Hat , Moti Bhasma, Jadwar, Gulchadni, Shankhpushpi Harrison Phillips Hat , Shilajit, Chotachand, Arjun, Ajwainkhurashini Jim Kelly Hat , Vach, Jyotishmati, Elaychi choti, Gajwan John Miller Hat , Champa, Kahu, Aam, Taj Shaq Lawson Hat , Kesar and Safed musli. The herbs present in these ayurvedic supplements for hypertension provide the following benefits:

1. These herbs are very good for strengthening heart muscles and blood vessels. Nutrients provided by these herbs prevent deficiencies that make heart muscles weak.

2. These anti-stressor herbs control release of stress related hormone that increases pressure in blood.

3. Some of the herbs in ayurvedic supplements for hypertension are rich in potassium which is helpful in controlling heartbeat rate.

4. These herbs are diuretic in nature which can increase volume and frequency of urine. This eliminates sodium regularly out of body with urination. Amount of fluid decreases in blood which in turn reduces pressure in blood.

5. These herbs prevent hardening and narrowing of blood vessels and thus promote healthy flow of blood.

6. These herbs prevent effects of thyroid disorders which disturb metabolic rate and blood pressure level.

Stresx capsules are completely herbal and therefore suitable for long term use for both men and women. Use these ayurvedic supplements for hypertension continuously for 3 to 4 months to get long lasting results. Also, reduce consumption of salt to keep BP under control naturally.



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