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Breaking Through Warehouse Management System for Microsoft Dynamics GP Computers Articles | May 5 Tracy McGrady USA Jersey , 2010
It is probably fair statement that Barcoding and RFID technology is very mature and established in USA and on the international ERP market.

However, still there are obstacles and unsuccessful implementations in Supply Chain Management, Consignment, Picking and Packing. ?Talking to numerous WMS and SCM customers, we find the trend - the problem is not really in WMS itself, it works. ?The problem is in rather Warehouse Management System integration implementation. ?If you simply try to implement add-on to your Corporate ERP Stephon Marbury USA Jersey , enabling typical WMS features directly in the ERP application (all you need to do in most of the cases is to enable Barcode scanner real time or batch mode integration) - you may likely expect better chance. ?Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP was also known in the past as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise - if this is your ERP system, then we recommend you this document:
1. Barcode Scanner resided WMS client application. ?When you scan on the warehouse floor, either doing merchandize receiving or sales order fulfillment (picking and packing) - barcode scanner talk to the WMS server and uploads scanned data directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP Distributions modules: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control
2. Technology behind. ?Traditionally we recommend Order Connecter layer of SQL Stored Procedures. ?WMS server talks to Dynamics GP SQL database via ODBC connection, uploading data in real time or if required in batch mode. ?Technology is very simple and the goal was to enable simple programming to be efficient on the top of the Barcode scanner operating system and LCD graphics
3. Convergence 2010. ?We saw record level of the interest to the SCM and WMS applications Stephen Curry USA Jersey , especially working directly out of Great Plains DB (not external stand alone WMS). ?As we are catching up with Logistics ERP market, we invite you to visit our booth on Convergence 2011
4. International aspect. ?Microsoft Dynamics GP is very popular in Arabic speaking countries, as well as in Spanish speaking Latin America. ?We are well positioned to travel internationally and familiar with Corporate ERP systems markets in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Brazil Scottie Pippen USA Jersey , China, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico. ?Our Corporate ERP and WMS consultants speak English, Arabic Russell Westbrook USA Jersey , Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Filipino. ?In the countries, where Dynamics GP is not localized we recommend and implement SAP Business One or Dynamics AX
5. eCommerce integration perspective. ?Electronic Commerce module for Microsoft Dynamics GP is compatible with Warehouse Management Extensions and we had special events to demo eCommerce B2B and B2C on Convergence 2010
6. If you are technology consultant. ?Well this publication could look too simple and advertising. ?If this is your feeling we invite you to visit our web site and read profound whitepapers Paul George USA Jersey , blogs and articles
7. How to get additional info and help? ?Please, call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us help@albaspectrum ?Our consultants speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Patrick Ewing USA Jersey , Russian, Filipino. ?See our pavilion on Convergence 2011 in Atlanta. ?We also plan to demo you eCommerce module working in concert with Warehouse Management System (Barcoding based) in real time for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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