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Thinking of Buying the DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder? Here?s our Take Technology Articles | July 26 Nelson Cruz Jersey , 2010
After looking over the DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder we were quite pleased with its specs. Now it may not be the cheapest on the market but we think that the few extra bucks you'll spend will be...

After looking over the DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder we were quite pleased with its specs. Now it may not be the cheapest on the market but we think that the few extra bucks you'll spend will be worth it. Check out the specs below and judge for yourself.


This shredder sports a level 4 security which means that no one is going to be able to read your documents. A level 3 in generally sufficient for most environments but the level 4 provides that extra level of security. An added bonus with this machine is that because the shreds are smaller, they take up less space so you'll be able to shred more paper before you have to dump out the bin. This will save you time and money (when it comes to bags).

Shredable Material

The DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder can shred Credit Cards, Paper Miguel Sano Jersey , Paper Clips, Staples. If you need to be able to shred something else then we recommend that you look at a larger machine andor look for something with a little bit lower security (the higher the security the less likelihood that the machine shreds something other than paper).

Continuous Motor

This shredder is not rated for continuous use. That simply means that you will have to shut the machine down after a certain period of time to let it cool off. Now don't let this scare you away because most people will never reach that point unless they just sit down and start shredding and shredding and shredding. If you plan on doing all your shredding at one sitting then it is highly recommended that you get a machine with a continuous duty motor, otherwise you're just fine.

Bin Size

At 6.5 gallon bin Jonathan Schoop Jersey , the DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder is a personaldeskside machine. You won't be able to shred too much before you have to empty it, but presumably you won't be shredding that frequently. If you will, we recommend that you jump up to something with a bigger bin size.

Throat Size

The 9.5 inch throat on this machine gives you a little bit of breathing room when you're shredding regular size paper and the option to shred a few odd shaped things. If you really have large paper Kirby Puckett Jersey , then you'll need to look at machine with something larger than a 10" throat.

Auto Oiler

This machine does not come with an auto-oiler and does not have the option to have one installed. Although automatic oilers are not necessary to maintain your machine, they do take the guess-work out of maintenance. Don't hold it against the machine though as you can easily oil the machine yourself on regular intervals.


The DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder comes with a Lifetime warranty on cutting shafts, 1 year warranty on parts. This means that you have plenty of time to test out the machine and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Just make sure to properly care for your machine and you shouldn't have any issues.


The MSRP is $1 Cheap Twins Jerseys ,999.00 but you can find it for much less online if you look around. Don't let the price deter you until you do a little bit of comparison shopping first.

About the Manufacturer

Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation produces world-class Destroyit business shredders. MBM Corporation's parent company Joe Mauer Twins Jersey , IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany, is the leading manufacturer of paper shredders and small format paper cutters in the world. At MBM, innovative thinking and exhaustive research and development go into every product we sell. Our products are sold through an extensive dealer network throughout the United States and backed by a staff of knowledgeable service representatives and one of the best warranty packages in the business.

Manufacturer Jargon

"SPS" (Safety Protection System) package: electronically controlled Tony Oliva Twins Jersey , transparent safety shield in the feed opening "Easy Switch 2" control element uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status, automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of paper jam, automatic power cut-off when shred bin is full or when cabinet door is open Paul Molitor Twins Jersey , double protection against overheating, automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell.

So as I mentioned before, we think that the DestroyIt AL1 Cross-Cut Shredder is a worthy competitor and deserves a second look. If you have more specific questions I didn't answer here Harmon Killebrew Twins Jersey , feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out. I also wanted to remind you that real-world conditions do not always produce the same results that you might expect from the listed specs. Happy Shredding!

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