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Titleist 913 d3 driver vs 915 d2
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Datum: 21 November, 2014 02:38

My first shot with a titleist 915 d2 driver was an uphill 6-iron from about 165 yards to a pin tucked behind a bunker short and right of the green. I made far from perfect contact but was pleasantly surprised to watch the ball rise and drop just the other side of the sand, about 30ft from the hole. Quite what was wrong with the 'set' wasn't immediately clear, but it seemed our existing irons possessed the wrong swingweight, were the wrong length, had faulty lie angles, an incorrectly- positioned center of gravity (CG), inappropriate shafts, and unsuitable grips.

I felt sure that wouldn't have happened with my own set. At the 6th, I hit a 9-iron from about 135 yards (a few more than I would get from my own 9-iron) that stopped abruptly 15 feet right of the cup. At the 9th, a 200-yard Par 3 with the pin near the front, my not-quite-solid 4-iron came up titleist 915 d3 driver or two short of the green. This continued for the next three days - instances where I'd certainly be aware of a little extra yardage.

I'm probably too inconsistent a ball-striker nowadays to say much about whether or not the CG location made much difference, but I would say the 4-iron was pretty easy to get up in the air - not quite as easy as a hybrid club with similar loft perhaps, but markedly easier than my Cleveland 4-iron. The short irons did penetrate a little better because of the higher CG which I think is preferable to a high, floaty shot that's at the mercy of the wind.

As we all know, the cheap golf clubs has been engineered to be long. The face is thinner. The toplines are progressive. The shafts are specifically designed for each head. COR and MOI ratings have been maximized.

Before you can measure performance, you need to assess the look of the club - if you don't like the shape, color, or graphics, chances are it's not going to work titleist 915f fairway wood for you. The blade devotee will likely baulk at the offset (1mm in the lob wedge up to 6.5mm in the 3-iron) and all the techy stuff going on round back, but the average golfer should feel comfortable with a Burner 2.0 up behind the ball.

The Titleist 913 d3 driver is obviously a game-improvement model. For the vast majority of golfers the Irons should make the game significantly more enjoyable.

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Titleist 913 d3 driver vs 915 d2
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