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Salomon speedcross 3 is light
Autor: Youblive (104.250.128.---)
Datum: 20 July, 2017 09:41

I started off with very high expectations for the new salomon speedcross 3 damen sale, as I have really enjoyed the S-Lab shoes I have worn in the past, featuring the most precise, comfortable, locked in high performance uppers on the market, combined with a reasonable weight and great traction. Not to mention, they just have a fast and race ready look to them, like a high end supercar.

Protection is good, but cushioning is somewhat minimal in the salomon schuhe günstig kaufen and very firm in the Wings. Neither are all that plush or forgiving.Enter the S-Lab Sense Ultra, which maintains all of the awesomeness previously listed, but with just the right amount of soft cushioning to really smooth out the ride and essentially eliminate the harsh feel I noticed in previous models, but did it meet my expectations?

The salomon speedcross 4 damen upper is second to none. Fit is enveloping, secure and precise, without feeling the least bit uncomfortable, constraining or claustrophobic. The Quicklace system has been perfected by Salomon, providing quick and precise adjustments on the fly. Foothold and stability, be it in the heel, mid foot or forefoot is as good as one could ever expect.Fit is true to size and while the toe box does not have too much additional wiggle room for splay/swelling, I felt that even on a 5 hour run, I never thought about it once.

The mesh upper feels very durable and high quality. I subjected salomon schuhe damen sale to some intense off trail terrain and bushwhacking through dense brush and dead-fall, with not so much as a tear of scrape. Breathability seems to be good but not great. 70 degrees F is about the warmest I have run in during this review period and my feet seemed a touch warm, as the upper does not seems to be particularly open and airy.

The Energycell+ midsole is a massive improvement over previous salomon schuhe herren outlet. The Energycell+ delivers an amazing blend of plush, yet responsive and supportive cushioning that is equally at home blasting technical trails at full speed, as it is on the road or just jogging at a more casual pace. Though the Sense Ultra seemed perfect out of the box, I have noticed over time that it has broken in just a little bit and become even more comfortable, likely from the slight softening of the upper materials.

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