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PANDORA has become different!
Autor: BobbieJohns (45.76.249.---)
Datum: 24 November, 2018 03:58

Since the new design director Francesco Terzo and Filippo Ficarelli duo, Pandora has always led the sweet brand image to a more fashionable and metropolitan direction, and the practicality has also been greatly improved. In the autumn, pandora au the silver classic thin round chain was changed for the first time in the fall, and a new brand was introduced. Mesh woven metal Reflexions series! Elegant and soft, the streamlined chain is made of bright 925 silver, Rose rose gold and Shine 18k gold. It is light and yet perfectly fit on the wrist. With the custom-made stringwork designed for this series, it is more personal.

pandora au sale 2018 This time, Pandora was inspired by the European Renaissance, back to the process and starting point of feminism, and how women can stand out in the male-centered social system. The long-term evolution process has enabled women to gradually produce different emotions in the fields of jewelry and clothing. Through different interpretations, they show confidence and beauty and inner strength. Women's diverse face and rich emotions have become the source of inspiration for this series. The new Reflexions series is taken from the English Reflection, which means reflection and reflection, which means to illuminate the design concept of women's inner self through jewelry, and replace the letter C and the letter T with "X", which means bold performance (eXpression). , eXcitement, eXperiences and eXceeding eXpectations, but also implicit and infinite beauty, inspiring women to explore themselves and show unlimited creativity in the new series.

pandora charms sale clearance Reflexions' new concept flash shop is also displayed in the outdoor plaza of Sogo Renaissance Hall in Taipei. A variety of experience-style photo interactions, silver streamlined lines embellish the house, and the interior blends with mirror elements to create a reflective effect. From now until October 7th, exclusive sale The Reflexions limited edition kit, while the Reflexions series is available today at designated cabinets.

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