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build a better world
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Datum: 17 October, 2019 11:04

Brand-fueled movements connect consumers with the causes they care about and move the needle on impact. By bringing

together people, timberland italia saldi purpose and products,

brands gain consumer goodwill, earned media and build a better world.

A great example of a brand that’s building a movement is Timberland. The footwear and apparel brand announced it will

plant 50 million trees across the globe within the next 5 years, building on the tree planting efforts it has already

led since 2001. In another purpose fueled move, Timberland’s parent company stopped purchasing Brazilian leather. The

decision was a timberland outlet response to the Brazilian

government and ranchers’ lack of attention to fighting the Amazon fires.

Part of the Plant The Change initiative is to help build The Great Green Wall. The Wall will span over 8000 km across

Africa. The reforestation project aims to act as a carbon sink. It will also provide economic opportunities for local

communities and foster biodiversity. Additionally, Timberland is planting trees in places like Haiti, the United States

and China. The global campaign is about more than increasing brand recognition. “Our goal is to be net positive,” Jim

Pisani, timberland scarpe uomo Timberland’s

Global Brand President, said in a Fast Company interview.

The takeaway is that Timberland is leveraging its business to catalyze positive impact. What’s more, the brand is

weaving purpose into its products by offering eco-friendly fashion to conscious consumers. While this helps attract

loyalty and purchases, purpose is bigger than profit for profit’s sake. “It’s definitely our hope that we’ll

inspire others in the industry to take action. Whether they’re planting trees or doing their own thing,” Pisani told

Fast Company. “We all have a timberland uomo

role to play in supporting the environment and lessening our impact.”

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