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sounds of first joint practice with Detroit Lions
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Datum: 26 November, 2018 03:42

Giants training camp: Sights Womens Connor Barwin Jersey , The New York Giants held the first of their three joint practices with the Detroit Lions Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, Big Blue View is unable to attend, which is doubly unfortunate because the Lions are prohibiting the tweeting of video during team practice periods. So, we won’t be able to bring you the full sights and sounds of the Giants’ joint practices before their second preseason game Friday night. That being said, since this is the first time the Giants have had joint practices since 2015, we are going to bring you what we can from the individual and positional drills, as well as individual tweets from team periods.Our friends at Pride Of Detroit are in attendance and will be helping us out with a practice report. For now, we’re going to start right from the very beginning, with the Giants arriving at practice.Giants in actionSaquon Barkley is watching from the sidelines after suffering a mild hamstring strain at the end of practice Monday morning, but the Giants’ running backs are still getting work in. Wayne Gallman’s feet are noticeably quicker and smoother than his teammates. It doesn’t appear that Barkley’s leg is wrapped Authentic Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , and if it is, it is not a big cumbersome wrap. Meanwhile, the linebackers worked on the blocking sled. Third-year linebacker B.J. Goodson probably delivered the most pop among the ‘backers shown, though Alec Ogletree came close. Down in the trenches it was half-line drills between the Giants’ offensive line and the Lions’ defensive front.Odell Beckham Jr. was in pads and participating in practice. And yes, he is still good at football. In between drills players (like Odell here) were interacting with the fans in attendance. And then there was this: Eli Manning to Davis Webb, just like everyone has been waiting to see with bated breath. Scenes and stillsEli Manning says he’s “on good terms” with Odell Beckham Eli Manning has had 15 seasons of practice at putting out fires for the New York Giants, deflecting drama, smoothing things over when they got messy. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when asked Monday about the Odell Beckham Jr. ESPN interview he deflected with humor.“I don’t watch Lil Wayne that much,” said Manning www.newyorkgiantsteamonline.com , claiming not to know exactly what Beckham said.“Coach handled the situation well,” Manning said. “I think Odell, having him address the team, and setting the record straight from his point-of-view. I think that was smart and big by him to get in that situation and kind of own up to what was going on, and just kind of set the record straight so we can just avoid the distractions, avoid this and that, and just worry about playing football.”What about the idea that Beckham didn’t support the quarterback during the interview?“I’ve never had a receiver that doesn’t want that ball more, and doesn’t want the ball thrown to him down the field and scoring touchdowns. That’s part of handling that,” Manning said. “When you get a guy with social media and everything now, the ability you have to reach a crowd and express your opinions about everything on a whim New York Giants T-Shirt , it can cause more drama. That’s just the world we’re living in and how you deal with it.”Manning said that he and Beckham are “always close, we’re tight, and we’re on good terms.” He added that in his mind the firestorm caused by the remarks is over.“Yeah, I think that was good just for the whole team to hear it. When you have new guys and young guys that don’t know him or not familiar with him, I think it was good just so other guys aren’t talking about it or worried about it, or trying to change how they pregame, we have to get more energy, this or that,” he said. “I think you kind of just end it and just move on and let’s worry about winning a football game.”

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