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nike air force 1 black
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Datum: 1 December, 2018 09:39


Nike nike air force 1 black has been in the shoe game for a long, long time. They know what goes into a quality shoe and they have their hand in determining what’s on trend in terms of style. They’ve been making Nike Frees for a while now, and they come out with updated and revamped models on a fairly regular basis.

In this post, we’ll review the Nike Free RN Flyknits.

We like nike air more uptempo men's the design of these shoes. Like previous versions, the upper is really comfortable thanks to that Flyknit material. They also have a reinforced heel cup which keeps that part of the shoe from stretching out too much. And we count that as a pro because – hear me out – most people like it when a shoe fits the way it did when you first bought it and put it on.

The nike shoes 2018 air max construction and materials of these Nikes make them incredibly breathable. If your feet tend to get really hot or sweaty, you’ll appreciate the airflow of these shoes.

And nike free rn flyknit 2018 they look great, too! Even though we primarily buy athletic shoes for function, we still care about style, right? No one wants ugly shoes. Nike’s always been right on top of athletic shoe fashion, so there’s no surprise here.

We noticed that these 2018 Frees feel like they have some additional cushioning compared to last year’s model. If you like plusher feeling shoes, you may really appreciate the extra cushioning, but some people prefer a firmer feel, so keep that in mind.


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