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In addition, playing a Steinway grand
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A recent survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project stated that 97 percent of children Wholesale New York Jets Jerseys , boys and girls alike, play video games. Although there's no harm in letting youngsters engage in such activities, too much of it can significantly affect their behavior and thinking. In fact, a scientific study (Anderson & Bushman, 2001) discovered that children who play video games, particularly violent ones Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys , are more likely to experience aggressive thoughts and feelings, and exhibit aggressive behavior.

With the convergence of HD graphics and superb gameplay on video games, it can be quite a challenge to convince your child to shift to a new hobby. The best thing you can do is present him or her with something that's equally fun and challenging. Sports are an ideal option, but not everyone is athletically gifted to run back and forth an 84 x 50 ft court, or tackle other players to fight for ball possession. Luckily, there's a better alternative鈥攁nd it's learning to play a musical instrument.

Many agree that everyone should play at least one instrument and be capable of making beautiful music. The reason is that it's more than a personal achievement; it's a skill that will stay with you for life. Upon learning an instrument Wholesale New Orleans Saints Jerseys , you have the power to decide whether you can take things to a professional level or simply play music for the sake of giving family and friends a good time.

There are various musical instruments to choose from. What you need to do is find an instrument your child will be comfortable with. If you're looking for something that is both simple to learn and good for your child's mind, then the piano will fit in perfectly.

Playing the piano can help your child develop self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to give up immediate gratification, in favor of receiving greater or more satisfying results even if they take long to achieve. Playing a Steinway piano is a focused art that requires the child to exert his or her time, effort, and concentration. This can help your child blossom into a responsible adult as heshe learns to never give up despite setbacks.

In addition, playing a Steinway grand piano enhances your child's memory Wholesale New England Patriots Jerseys , concentration, and focus. He or she will learn to use the hands, feet, eyes, and ears simultaneously to create a wonderful melody. Doing so works both sides of the brain, thus improving memory Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , focus, and concentration.

Music is a great way to help your child discover his or her full potential. Look up Steinway piano prices today and get started. Log on to for expert insights and tips.

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