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Move to Zero
Autor: Jerdas (IP zalogováno)
Datum: 27 September, 2019 07:57

It takes more non-renewable energy and materials than is favorable to produce most of the shoes and clothes we wear today. Ultimately, the companies that do so are directly responsible for the more volatile world they’ve created for their customers. Hence, nike outlet uk many big-name brands now face undeniable pressure to at least right their wrongs.

On Thursday, moments before the global climate strike, Nike revealed its new sustainability initiative, “Move to Zero,” to the public. This isn’t Nike’s first brush with eco-consciousness, but Move to Zero concretizes its commitment to sustainability. With a combination of goals big and small, Nike plans on becoming an exemplary zero-carbon/waste nike clothes for men corporation.

It’s definitely reassuring to see that some of the initiatives outlined here are already full-blown projects. Today, there are more than 10,000 Nike Grind surfaces across the globe. In 2017, the company developed Nike Flyleather, a “super material” made of at least 50% recycled leather processed with less water and a smaller carbon footprint than what traditional nike dri fit shorts on sale leather requires.

These are the kinds of short-term goals that Nike wants to continue achieving to actually “move to zero” in the grand scheme of things. Still in doubt? Consider this: Nike has walked the talk with efforts to fight climate change for several decades now. nike dri fit shorts clearance Move to Zero is just proof that there is consistency in Nike’s dedication to circularity.

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